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Most people believe that “women are impossible to understand”. I wasn’t one of such people. If you have 7 sisters plus several aunties with whom you relate very well, you’re bound to learn a thing or two about how they think, act and/or react to certain situations. Before my third year in the university though, I hadn’t realised that I could “very easily” interact with girls until my colleague SOCIOSO Executive started calling me “ladies man”, reason being that the girls seemed to be comfortable around me.

I won’t be talking about any girl in particular, but I will throw a couple of random “descriptions”; of girls I have personally encountered as well as those I’ve seen in the lives of some of my close friends. If you’re a female (especially my friends) and reading this, try and find yourself in the descriptions. I could very well be referring to you. Guys, do you know any such girls? Let’s go:

There’s that girl you crush on. You don’t know her well, you barely see her but you just like her.

There’s that cute girl who calls herself names like “church girl” and “Jesus freak”

There’s that girl who says she loves you but you know she’ll be dating someone else in two weeks. When it doesn’t work she’ll come back though.

There’s that girl who you’re always rude to but she’ll be the first to call you.

There’s that crazy girl who calls you crazy but you both know she’s the crazy one.

There’s that girl who’s absolutely totally vain. She thinks everything is about her.

There’s that girl who will break up with you because of where you’re from.

There’s that girl who only calls when she needs something.

There’s that girl who you totally click with but already has a boyfriend.

There’s that girl who is mad about you but you’re just not feeling it.

There’s that girl who just wants to spend time with you.

There’s that girl who you always quarrel with.

There’s that crazy girl who won’t date you but wants you to date her sister.

There’s that girl who can’t take a compliment.

There’s that girl who you can connect with intellectually.

There’s that girl you barely see but whenever you see her, its like she never left.

There’s that girl who is in the wrong body.

There’s that girl who you dream about but have never met.

There’s that girl who went to abrokyire and forgot all about you.

There’s that girl who you never met physically but she is bae

There’s that girl who can’t bring herself to go to church.

There’s that girl who you have loved to marry but you both don’t believe in the same things.

There’s that girl who broke your heart.

There’s that girl who couldn’t wait for you.

There’s that crazy girl who is dying to see you date her best friend.

There’s that girl who you wish you had met sooner

There’s that girl who is still cute after 12years when you met her in JSS.

There’s that girl who gets on your every nerve.

There’s that girl who is always looking for money from you.

There’s that girl with the angelic voice.  O_O

There’s that loud girl that draws too much attention to herself

There’s that girl who can’t stop talking!!!!!

There’s that girl who makes you laugh so hard.

There’s that girl who your friend is dating but is always flirting with you.

There’s that girl who is not a girl at all.

There’s that black beauty that makes your heart skip a beat. EVERYTIME.

There’s that girl who has become unconsciously flirty because her workplace is dominated by men.

There’s that girl who loves food.

There’s that girl who is shy of you. She will give anything to not look you in the eye.

There will always be that girl who will claim she didn’t find herself in this piece.

I could go on but it’s almost 6 and my lights could go off any second. Thanks to ECG, my laptop is now a desktop.

So ladies, dig in there! Which of these descriptions best suits you? If you don’t see yourself in any of the descriptions, please read it again. :-p

Guys, have you met all these girls in your lifetime?



The fact that there are this many descriptions doesn’t necessarily mean there are this many girls. One girl could embody several of the above mentioned descriptions.