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After i posted yesterday’s post. i got on a yet another trotro on my way home. This particular trotro was headed for Ashaiman where I was supposed to get off along the way and get yet another trotro to my final destination. For those of you who know or have heard about Ashaiman, its a place people fear to go even during the day how much more at night. But that didn’t trouble me at all.

What troubled me was this creep who wouldn’t take his eyes off my phone’s screen.

i mean, why was he staring at my screen and why wouldn’t he stop??

Occasionally, i would look up suddenly as if to check where we had reached on the journey. His head would IMMEDIATELY go up too. Kind of like when you’re staring at someone and simultaneously trying to avoid making eye contact. Exactly. His head came down almost as soon as mine did. i tried that a couple of times but to no avail.

i now turned off the screen and pocketed the phone. Phone kept beeping like crazy because I was chatting with quite a number of people at the same time. And every single time it beeped, he would look at me as if to say “charle, remove it and lets read la”

Eventually a phone call got me to bring the phone out again. After i hung up i decided to read the messages, Dude was still reading with me. but i was “unlooking”.

i decided to try one last resort..

I put the phone in my left hand; which was closer to him now. i got on twitter and typed.

Someone please advice this nigga to stop reading from my screen….

*he kept reading anyway* Second tweet:

Yes, I’m hoping you’ll see this and look away…

*he wasn’t perturbed*

As for what ensued with a friend on whatsapp after that, I’ll have to show you images….

SC20150320-095943-1     SC20150320-100425-1

After this I had given up on the creep.


Let’s just assume he was fascinated by the lights and watching my hands go….