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Just the other day, there was a heavy downpour of rain. But that wasn’t what caught my attention.

What caught my attention was the WIND that accompanied the rain. Then there was the LIGHTNING as well as his noisy SCARY twin THUNDER.. I’m not talking about everyday wind. I mean WIND. The kind that made sure we slept in the dark yesterday (as electric poles came tumbling down) and a portion of our ceiling came off. Oh and just by the way the building was completed barely 3 months ago. I started to pray for Mercy. Hmmm.


My mind was drawn to that story in Exodus 19. Immediately, I grabbed my bible and read the story again. The Israelites, after being led by Moses out of Egypt into the wilderness of Sinai, had to go and meet God at the Mount of Sinai in order that the people of Israel would hear Him(God) speak.

The morning of the 3rd day of sanctification when God had commanded that the people come to the mount, there was lightning, thunder and a thick cloud upon the mount. And the voice of the trumpet was exceeding loud.

At this point in time the people were still in the camp but the Bible says the people TREMBLED…


This got me thinking.

You see, when it rains as heavily as it did yesterday, we get scared by common winds, lightning and the sound of thunder but we do not fear God as much. (LORD HAVE MERCY)

I don’t think my generation knows anything about the Fearfulness of God.

Just for God to come down and speak with His people, there had to be LIGHTNING, THUNDER and a THICK CLOUD on the mount. As if that wasn’t enough, the mount was SMOKING because the Lord descended on the mount in FIRE. And Bible says the smoke was as that of a furnace. And there was the long sounding trumpet that waxed louder and louder..

He asked Moses to set bounds for the mount because anyone (man or beast) who touched it would surely die.

God had initially asked Moses to sanctify the people BOTH on the first and second days. He also commanded that the people wash their clothes. He even commanded that husbands do not go at their wives…. Eiii!!!!

It wasn’t enough that people needed sanctification, even their clothes had to be washed before God could speak to them.

Today, we come into the church with all sorts of filth. We see church elders sleeping with young oblivious Christian sisters, we have choristers going to fornicate on Saturday night and yet showing up on Sunday morning and boldly mounting the stage in their short skirts to minister to God’s people, we have ushers/altar boys masturbating all night-through and then coming to hold around offering bags to receive the offerings of God’s holy people among all sorts of unspeakable things. We even hinder the presence of God from coming down because He(God) cannot be associated with anything unholy.


There was once a time when the ground would open and swallow up anyone who sinned INSTANTLY. There was no room for repentance.

Let us not let Jesus’s sacrifice be for naught.

You see, the God of yesterday hasn’t changed with the times.




He is still the same yesterday, today and forever and He STILL DEMANDS that we sanctify ourselves before coming to His presence.

Yes, We are in the dispensation of the Spirit and GRACE and MERCY abounds.

But as Paul said, the abundance of GRACE shouldn’t be an excuse to sin(paraphrased).


Let us Fear God.