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In the image of God man was made To be head of all that was made. Every single creature was by him named. Yet by woman his soul was forever maimed.

Then God sent HIS SON as propitiation To revive our LOVE relation On Calvary His blood was shed By whips, thorns and a spear He bled

Unto man He gave THE HOLY SPIRIT Worship me He says: IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH. For I am Spirit THE LIFE, THE WAY AND THE TRUTH!

He gave us Grace To counter the rebellion of the flesh With everyday’s measure renewed AFRESH Yet, His Grace we refuse to embrace.

Doesn’t the scripture say: Not by Might, Not by Power? Doesn’t the scripture say of them that believe: to them gave He the Power? Yet we CHOOSE to behave like the swine; We often seek renewal of God Then as if drawn by a cord We return to the mud.

How long will we stay in this cycle? How long will we remain objects of recycle? God made us for HIS use Not the devils’ misuse.