Bishop Nana Osei Darko – A Good Shepherd!


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Today is the Day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it. Today Nana Osei Darko  becomes a Bishop. I am excited to witness and be a part of this great investiture. 

In the year 2013, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana. As fate would have it, I was posted to Wa to do my National Service. While I was there, I found myself in the Wa Aparche of Lighthouse Chapel International pastored by the then Rev.Nana Osei Darko.

I cannot overemphasize what a great mistake it would have been if I had gone anywhere else. My being in that church not only built up my Christianity but also introduced me to one of the best shepherds I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting. (I didn’t know this at the time).

Quite recently, I have been reading Bishop Dag Heward-Mills‘s What it Means to Become a Shepherd and I can tell you for a fact that Bishop Nana Osei Darko is a perfect example of who a shepherd is. For the benefit of those of us who are not familiar with the term shepherd, it is God’s preferred way of referring to and relating with his people. Psalms 95 :6-7 says that we should worship our maker because he is our God; and we are the people of his pasture, and the sheep of his hand. In Matthew 9:36, Jesus refers to the people as sheep. Again many times in the 10th chapter of John, Jesus referred to himself as a shepherd. The word translated as shepherd from the Greek language is POIMEN. It is also the same word translated pastor. A  shepherd is a loving, caring guide to the sheep. Like Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, I also now prefer to use the term shepherd instead of pastor because it helps you to focus on your work which is looking after sheep. It also helps you not to see yourself as a “man of God” which usually leads to bigmanisms in many cases.

In the book, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills simplifies and categorises the main duties of a shepherd as follows:

P – Prayer 

V – Visitation

C – Counselling

I – Interaction

When faced with the temptation to focus on administration, Paul points out that Prayer is the most important aspect of the ministry.

But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word. (Acts 6:4 KJV)

That is why Bishop Dag, teaches that Prayer is the cardinal sustaining force of the church. The fact that the Wa church has thrived under Nana Osei Darko, followed by the decision to consecrate him as a Bishop is evidence that he is a prayerful man. I can personally attest to this fact because not only did he consistently encourage us to pray every day but he prayed with and for us. He even organised special Lunch Prayer Meetings in addition to the already existing prayer meetings.

Another important aspect of the shepherd’s work is Visitation. In Jeremiah 23:2, it Is apparent that the shepherds of the day failed to visit the sheep so they scattered as a result. When shepherds fail to visit the sheep scatter. 

Therefore thus saith the LORD God of Israel against the pastors that feed my people; Ye have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them: behold, I will visit upon you the evil of your doings, saith the LORD. (Jeremiah 23 : 2 KJV)

Although I didnt live with my family, I never lacked visits while I was at Wa. Bishop Nana Osei visited me many times. If I decide to count the number of times he actually took me home as visits (because he mostly spent some time before he left), I’ll need a whole blog post for that. Visiting your sheep stabilises them.

The next aspect to consider is CounsellingCounselling involves ministering the counsels of God to people. You can do this through teaching a congregation or an individual. According to Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, counselling entails more than just the one-on-one format that we know and call counselling. Effective counselling should be done from both the pulpit and then one-on-one. As Paul details in his letter to Timothy, a Bishop must be apt to teach(1 timothy 3:2). A good shepherd is a good teacher of the word. Bishop Nana Osei Darko was and still is one of the finest teachers of the word you’ll ever find. I really enjoy listening to him teach the word. He speaks from a place of wisdom, understanding and authority.

The last aspect of the duties of a shepherd is Interaction. Interaction is another thing a shepherd must be able to do well. A good shepherd should not be detached from his sheep. He should know and interact with the sheep. Bishop Dag Heward-Mills teaches a concept he calls Deep Sea Fishing. What it is is that the shepherd plunges into the crowd and picks out new and unfamiliar faces and interacts with them. Through this, they befriend new people, find out where they live and create lasting friendships and relationships. Everybody wants to be known and identified; doing deep sea fishing helps the shepherd to meet this psychological need. In this regard also, the Bishop Nana Osei Darko is a good shepherd. He knows me by name, knows where I live, what schools I went to and more. I haven’t felt as comfortable as I am talking to him with any other pastor. 

Bishop Nana Osei Darko, thank you for being a good shepherd to me and the many others that you have loved, cared for and guided in this otherwise vague journey that is life. May the Good Lord bless you and take you to even greater heights.

Whoever you are, wherever you, whatever you do, if you are a shepherd or want to become a good shepherd, I present to you an example worth emulating.- Bishop Nana Osei Darko.

Be Blessed!


Salvation is for Everyone!

​The are many wonderful promises in the bible. Promises of Eternal Life, Prosperity, Security, Preservation and many more. I want to share with you one of these many promises: Salvation. Salvation is for everyone but not everyone is saved.

The above-mentioned promises (and more) are for the children of God. Salvation is the one promise that makes you a child of God and then gives you access to all these other promises in the Kingdom of God. The bible verse John 3:16 is perhaps the most popular verse in the entire world and it is not by chance.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish but have everlasting life.

This single verse states all that there is to know about salvation;

The one thing that is required for salvation: BELIEVING IN JESUS (the only begotten Son of God) as well as the benefit of salvation: NOT PERISHING BUT HAVING EVERLASTING LIFE. John 5:24 says “…Whoever believes… has passed from death unto life” That is all. You don’t need to do anything or pay anybody for salvation. The Lord Jesus Christ has already paid it all on the cross! Jesus shed his blood on the cross that you and I should have everlasting life. All you have to do is believe. Acts 16:31 says “…Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shall be saved…”

If after reading this you believe that Jesus is the son of God and died for your sins, I’d like you to say this simple prayer after me.

Thank you Jesus for dying for me.

I accept you as my Lord and personal saviour

I believe that you died on the cross for me

I confess and renounce all my sins.


Congratulations, you have made the best decision of your life. You are now a child of the Most High God.

After getting saved there are still two things to be done.

  1. Spend time with God daily: You can do this by reading your bible and praying daily.As I mentioned earlier, Salvation is only one of the many promises of God to mankind. There are still many more you can learn about by reading your bible.
  2. Spend time with other Christians: By attending a bible believing church near you you will learn from other Christians how to live a victorious Christian life.

For more information on how to live a Victorious Christian Life, simply leave your email address in the comments section below and I will get in touch with you.

Tribute by Nephews and Nieces of Minister Danny Nettey


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Now more than ever, the lyrics of your song “Atemuda” are real to us. In that song, you admonished that we live with the end in mind. You admonished that we do not live as though life is all about eating and drinking. “It is appointed unto man once to die and after that judgement” you quoted. You however failed to tell us that you would leave us soon. You left us shocked and pensive, You caused memories to come rushing through our minds, You left us in tears, but most importantly, You forced us to take stock of our lives. In death, you reechoed this very important truth: It is appointed unto man once to die and after death judgement. No man knows the day nor the hour; Live with the end in mind.

To the world, you were a pastor and a musician, but to us you were so much more. You were our father, friend, confidant, teacher and counsellor. Whenever you were in a room with us, our smiles and hysterical laughters were assured. You had a way of getting all of us to feel comfortable around you. You would always be the one to see through our generic “I’m fines”. You could get us talking faster than anyone could. You always had snippets of information and sound counsel to share.

You taught us integrity and humility. You taught us to let our “Yes” be “Yes” and our “No” “No”. We never doubted you if you said a Yes or No because we knew you meant it every time. You used some “Gospel Musicians” from your childhood who were drunkards as examples, when you tried to show us how failing to uphold one’s moral principles belittled whatever message one was trying to put across. Whenever we so much as suggested that you were a “star”, You would say “No, I like to think of myself as a moon. Like the moon I have no light of my own, I only reflect God’s light” You reflected the light so well that everyone saw it and was attracted to its brightness. Whenever we got caught up in the aesthetics of a song, you made sure we were pointed to what was important. You had a way of making the lyrics of the song come alive. It was always about God.

One day, we came to you with a question. “Unco Dan, why do you only release an album every five years? You write a song every other day”. We know this because we heard him sing them and he even wrote with us on occasion. “It is all about quality, not numbers or frequency”, you said. You insisted on quality in everything you did. If it had to be done, then it had to be done well or you would have whoever do it until it was done to specification. Most importantly, you taught us that quality didn’t always have to mean expensive. You would much rather organise to go and sing and evangelise in a Secondary School where you would receive nothing as payment than buy a new ipad for instance. You used your First Generation ipad to the end. You never once put money into buying flashy things. It had to be quality but it didn’t have to be expensive.

We consider ourselves privileged to have lived and known you in such close proximity. To have been the first ones to hear your music, to have written with you on occasion, to have been carried in your bosom as babies, to have been nurtured and cared for by you, to have met all your VIP friends.

Unco Dan, we miss you already. We miss coming to your room to worry you with plenty talking when you came home tired after your ministrations, we miss the car rides with you, we miss the days when you would gather us all in the boys-quarters and teach us songs, we miss staying up all night listening to and watching Gospel concerts, we miss your unannounced surprises, we miss your deep voice on the phone: “Shalom”, was almost always the first word you would say. Unco Dan, we miss you. We miss your hugs especially. You will always have a special place in all our hearts.

We are saddened by your passing but we are comforted by the fact that you lived your life with the end in sight. We can almost unmistakably hear the voice of The Master saying:

Well Done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord

Rest in Peace Unco Dan!

We Love You!

Nephews and Nieces of Danny Nettey Giving their Tribute at his Funeral Service. Photo Credit: Nii Okai Ministries

Nephews and Nieces of Danny Nettey Giving their Tribute at his Funeral Service.
Photo Credit: Nii Okai Ministries


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Two Handkerchiefs – An Mfantsipim School Tradition!


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Yesterday I was with a friend whose nieces were refusing to take simple instructions. According to her 4-year-old niece, my friend had misquoted “the seventh rule” and therefore she (4-year-old niece) was right to disregard the command so to speak. Later I wondered how many rules the little girl had had to memorise to be able to say that her aunt had them mixed up. Every institution has a set of rules or code of conduct that determines how its members are required to carry themselves. At Mfantsipim School, you could not ask anyone what the second rule said. Forget Rule Books! I suppose there was a rule book on the Hill. Personally, I do not recall being given or reading anything of the sort. To me and many other old boys, there was only one rule on the Kwabotwe Hill:


All the siesta, inspection, lights-out and more “rules” were covered by this single sentence above. It is the entire embodiment of all the rules.

In addition to “the school rules” above, there were several other traditions that prevailed on the Hill. Take for instance the “Shooter” tradition. The Shooter tradition saw its adherers live strictly by the book in the hopes of becoming a prefect someday. One of its main features was well-ironed clothing. It was rumoured that the lines in an Assistant Headboy Domestics’ trousers should be able to pass for a bread knife. There was also the “stepping” tradition, “Compe” tradition and the senior boys’ favourite “Live your life like Jesus” tradition. Don’t ask me what those are. Do some research.

One tradition resonated and stuck with me and I find myself a practitioner of said tradition even now. I like to call it the “two handkerchief” tradition.

Its dictates were simple: you were required to carry two handkerchiefs on you at all times. It was the first thing a senior would ask you for if he was looking to get you on charges of having breached a rule. Before Mfantsipim school, I was already used to always having a handkerchief on me but two handkerchiefs? Why did I need two handkerchiefs? I asked myself back then. I decided I would always carry two to fulfill the requirement but use only one. Just carrying two handkerchiefs wasn’t quite enough by the way; they had to be neatly ironed. Carrying an unironed or unkempt handkerchiefs constituted a breech of common sense and we both know what that is: A breech of school rules.

The true benefits of carrying two handkerchiefs only hit me after I had left school.

We all agree that there are certain days the sun decides to burn really hot. On such days I am happy to have two handkerchiefs on me. When one handkerchief gets wet I can easily switch to another without having to sweat it, literally. It can be really frustrating to have to wipe off your sweaty face with an already wet handkerchief; it is very uncomfortable. Two handkerchiefs keep you dry longer than you would ordinarily be on an extremely hot and sweaty day.

At one point in time or the other, we have all had the displeasure of sitting next to that trotro passenger with a running nose. More often than not we wished to magically disappear from our seats or had our noses stuck out the bus in the event that we sat next to a window; we didn’t want any contact whatsoever with his germs. I encountered one such guy the other day. Fortunately, he had a handkerchief when he had to blow his nose. “Whew! I got saved on this one”, I thought to myself. Imagine my surprise a few minutes later when I saw him use the same handkerchief to wipe sweat off his face. I immediately felt nauseous. Why anyone would do such a disgusting thing to himself beats me. If I were him -or perhaps if he were me I should say- he would use one for his face and the other for his nose. Having two handkerchiefs on you helps you stay sanitary all day long.

On more than one occasion I have had to offer my handkerchief to a lady who was either sweaty or had spilled something on her dress and surprisingly had no tissue in her bag. It is usually advised that you stay clear of a female’s handbag, reason being that the female handbag is equipped with anything and everything ranging from what you can imagine to what you cannot even imagine. Shocking that there wasn’t tissue in there. One such lady protested, “What will you use if I take yours?”. I only reached in my pocket and brought out another. Having two handkerchiefs on you could easily score you some points with that lady you have been checking out.

I have won the admiration of many because I carry two handkerchiefs with me at all times. The mere fact that I have not one but two neatly ironed handkerchiefs on me alone has people looking at me with awe. Some guys in church approached me the other day. “Why do you have two handkerchiefs everyday?” As it turns out, they had been watching me for a while and had realised that every time I reached in my pocket for my handkerchief, I would bring out two and neatly tuck one away. I told them it was the gentlemanly thing to do and today the tradition goes on. I see some of them carry two handkerchiefs every other Sunday.

It is raining make-up at the Kaneshie Market.


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I was walking through the Kaneshie Market the other day when out of nowhere, I was bumped into by a certain woman. She had stepped on my favourite pair of brown leather sandals but couldn’t be bothered to stop, how much more apologise. She rudely shoved me and kept going. I would have landed on the wares of a hawker if it hadn’t been for my incredible balance and a certain bulky woman who was in my way. (Mostly the woman). That was when I first saw it; what looked like the scribbling a two-year old would do when he or she mistakenly gets hold of some crayons. I don’t want to exaggerate; the hawker looked like she had slipped and fell face-down in a pile of paint. I immediately looked away for fear of being verbally assaulted. (All this happened in less than 5 seconds).

I quickly regained composure, took another quick glance and kept moving.

Quick word of adviceyou don’t want to be caught staring at a market woman in this part of the capital; the insults that will be hurled at you are of a nature I cannot describe here.

Again, at the foot of the bridge, there was something I couldn’t miss even if I was trying. I saw a hawker who was selling lipsticks. I wasn’t sure what colour her eyelids were but that wasn’t as disturbing as the deep blue colour that had engulfed her lips round about. “Well, she is just a seller of lipsticks” I rationalised as I passed her by and proceeded to climb the bridge. I started seeing all sorts of shabbily dressed, ill made-up hawkers all over the bridge. Yet all this didn’t prepare me for what was to come. For the benefit of those who have never been to Kaneshie, there is a very busy dual-carriage road that passes through the market. The safest way to the other side is via one of the two overhead bridges. The bridges are placed strategically at both ends of the market; a bigger bridge at the busier part of the market and then a smaller one at the other end -about a 100 metres away-. The hooligans would much rather cross the street and climb over the miniature wall to get to the other side. (Occasionally one or two of them fall off the wall and into the busy dual-carriage road). The wall only became necessary as a measure to curb the hazardous way of crossing to the other side but it hasn’t quite solved the problem. I was using the bigger bridge on the day.

Right before I started descending the bridge stood the chubby inspiration for the piece you’re now reading. She appeared to have a more assorted pan of goodies: lipsticks, face powder, make-up brushes, foam, eyelashes I suppose and some other things (I don’t know what to call them yet) I found her marketing strategy rather fascinating though. Remember how I said the other woman might have fallen into some paint? Well, this “lady” probably owned the paint company. Her face was as bright as the rainbow; her left eyelid was brown, the right was blue. Her left cheek appeared a tad browner than the right. The stuff on her forehead and nose seemed to highlight them. (Not that it had any effect; she was colours all over). Don’t even get me started on her yellow lipstick and extended eyelashes. As if all these weren’t enough, it was a hot 30 degree Celsius that day; her chubby self was wet all over and as a result, she was literally dripping with colours.

Ladies, WE BEG YOU! If you insist on wearing make-up then by all means learn how to apply it. It’s supposed to “enhance” beauty I’m told. If you can’t quite handle it, there is what we call today Make-up Artistes. The thing about make-up is it makes the wearer look and feel more beautiful. You may be feeling yourself but you’d be surprised to find out everyone thinks otherwise.

All that being said, we would like to see your real face sometime. .  😜😜

Disciplinarian of my House!


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Barely two months ago, I was the disciplinarian in my house and even my dogs knew it.

Basically, I live with mummy, my baby sister (she says she’s a big girl now but she’s only 5), and our dogs.

Whenever my little sister is doing something naughty or doesn’t want to go to school, mummy just has to call me and it is sorted. She just needs to hear my voice and she will come running. It is not because I beat her a lot. I can even say I’m her favourite big brother. lol. She is always in my room! I can’t get rid of her (I’ve tried). She wants to follow me whenever I leave the house. I have decided however, that she won’t follow me the provision store any longer. “Ostwin, I want this”, “I want that” “and this” she says, as she picks stuff off the shelves. “You can only have one” I say. In fact, I have beaten her just once but she’ll never forget it though. I cannot remember exactly what she did but I chided her. If I recall clearly after that she threw her slippers at me. I picked it up and smacked her with it. Never again. I overheard mummy tell her she’s really lucky because I don’t beat kids anymore. She really is lucky! 🙂

Halfway through 2015, one of my dogs died a little over a year after oldboy passed. It was the only foreign breed I had so I set out immediately to replace it just for the bass it had in its bark. It was a lazy dog though. It was always the last dog to bark whenever someone came around but whenever it did bark whoever you were, *you have to “make steady”* In August, I got a hybrid, a Doberman-Rottweiler mix. It has a dominant Doberman outlook but the aggression of the Rottweiler. This is where my disciplinarian status took shape.

For those who haven’t had to raise a dog you wouldn’t understand how much of a handful they can be. You’ll wake up to a daily dose of dog poop everywhere. Look, there is only one way to teach a dog not to poop in the front of the house. STICK ITS NOSE IN THE POOP! It might do it again a meter or so away but never the same spot! So this went on a while, whenever I woke up in the morning, I’d grab the dog before I headed out front, stick his nose in it and let him loose. I was the one who’d kick him for removing my stuff off the drying lines.(I never assigned him the task) I was also the one who had to put him in the cage. They hate the cage. A LOT! They can whine all day and night if that’s what it takes to get you to let them out. It worked almost every time too. They made so much noise I would get annoyed and let them out. So I was always “punishing them” yet I wasn’t the one feeding them at the time. So the moment I step out they all get lost!

This is how I know that my dogs knew me as the disciplinarian. There are two kitchens in my house. For the sake of clarity let’s call them the “inner kitchen” and the “outer kitchen”. In addition to the kitchen in the house there’s an adjoining kitchen made mostly from the square metallic pipes used for “burglar proofs” in most Ghanaian homes today. Mummy prefers to cook in the outer kitchen, (fresh air and all) and she mostly leaves the door of the outer kitchen open. That day she was sitting outside, at the entrance of the outer kitchen, with the dogs all over her and I was inside the outer kitchen going about my business. She got up to go inside and I was shocked by what happened afterwards. I am not exaggerating! I lifted my head as she entered the outer kitchen and vanished through the doors into the inner kitchen. All three dogs, walked to the entrance of the outer kitchen, raised their heads as if to look at me and immediately turned around and walked right out! They feared me but I didn’t care.

Early December 2015, I told mummy I was going to get another foreign breed (female this time) so that I would get rid of the local dogs when it was old enough to make some puppies. “How are you going to get rid of them?” , she asked me. Well, being Ghanaian myself too I asked her a question. “Have you forgotten there are people at Ashaiman who eat them?”. 🙊

So we got another puppy, a hybrid with a long lineage; its mother was German Shepherd and Rottweiler and its father was German Shepherd and Boerboel. Both with the dominant features of the German Shepherd though. I can call them mother and father, can’t I? lol. DON’T JUDGE MY DOG’S HERITAGE THOUGH; YOU ARE MOST LIKELY NO DIFFERENT. Your mother is born of Ivorian and Nzema parents and your father is born of Ewe and Togolese parents yet we still call you Ghanaian. Mmmtchew.

This creature is stealing my disciplinarian status. She follows me everywhere I go and still doesn’t understand all the commands. Yes, I teach all my dogs a bunch of little commands.

Up (with my palms open) –               They jump and put their fore feet in my palms.

Down –                                                Get off me

Out –                                                    Get out of the kitchen

Inside/ Get Inside –                            Whenever they go outside the house

All the others understand and obey these commands, but she won’t budge. When I say “Out” for example, everyone but her is gone and the rest end up coming back.

I need my status back!

Should I get a whip?

Flatulence is for the aged….


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There are two things every kid born in Ghana is supposed to know. Nobody will tell you but you just have to know it:

  1. Never fart in public.
  2. Don’t be around when someone does.

Many Ghanaian kids have fallen victim to the repercussions of not knowing these basic things.

Growing up, you would occasionally see a sudden rush among a small group or crowd(depending on how “potent” the fart is) to grab one’s nose in between the the thumb and index fingers as if to prevent the oxygen from getting out of one’s nose. (it doesn’t help anyway) Then you would hear the following words: WHO DID THAT? After such an occurrence, you would learn the two rules stated above.

Usually the youngest person in the room is blamed for “spoiling the air”; The adults seldom accept that it was their doing. It is even worse when there is only one kid among several adults because in such a case, the question who did that will be followed immediately by a knock, usually to shut you up if you’re dreaming about saying that it wasn’t you. “Next time go to the bathroom”, you’ll hear after that.

Gradually, kids learn to shut up in such scenarios for fear of being victimised. One of my lecturers in the university, -KOO Armah- as he liked to be called (May His Soul Rest in Peace),  once said in class: “wo ne hwan kɔ ka sɛ ohene no ata” *Insert your own translation* 😜😜. There is a certain respect we’re supposed to accord our elders; you dare not point fingers.

Truth is, it is almost impossible to tell who did it.

We can identify farts under two categories;

  1. Identification by Sound; Loud or Silent
  2. Identification by Character: Gentle, Violent and Not-so-Violent

In most public scenarios, you’re more likely to experience the silent-violent/not-so-violent combination so you can almost never tell who did it. If you’re the first to sense it; quickly get out of the room. NB: (To everyone else your quick exit will mean you did it so don’t dream of returning immediately, Even the actual culprit will blame you also. Search for the “I-got-away-with-it smile, you’ll find it if you look hard enough) 😂😂

In a few incidents you’ll see the adult own up but that is only because it falls in the Loud category. In such cases, you can only hold your nose until it passes. No questions asked.

Our old folks need to start practising what they preach. This applies to several other areas but I don’t want to go into it today… If you say the young generation shouldn’t do certain things, don’t do it yourself. BE A GOOD EXAMPLE!

As it stands now, you’re likely to get away with it if you’re (b)old enough. 💪💪

Next time you’re in a public place and you want to fart, it appears there is only one question to ask yourself:




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Danny Nettey is a legend

With the exception of one, I have been to every single Danny Nettey concert ever since I became self-aware. I am more than what you would typically call a “fan” or “celebrity stalker” as far as Minister Danny Nettey is concerned. I know every single one of his songs WORD FOR WORD. Including the ones he never released and/or is yet to release. (There are quite a lot of those as well) At the just ended Celebration of Faithfulness (A concert that was organised in honour of Danny Nettey for having chalked THIRTY YEARS in ministry), I sat in the middle floor of the National Theatre. (Can I call it “middle floor”? Well, whatever it’s called, I sat there) There was a couple sitting right in front of me, and as musician after musician came on stage and powerfully ministered Danny Nettey’s songs, I would sing along to each and every one.  And with every single song, they would look back at me shocked and I imagine they were asking themselves how I knew all the songs.

I had the special privilege of being birthed as the eldest direct nephew of Uncle Dan. And from what I’m told we had an instant connection. He would be the one to always carry me around the yard. Only God knows the amount of words and songs he ministered in my life as a little boy. And he did this so much so that a very ridiculous rumour begun to spread. According to the “area boys”, Uncle Dan had given me to mum to hide the fact that he was my real dad. As is common of all lies, it fizzled out. At a point, people who had only just met us were even speculating I was twins with my mum.

My earliest memory of him is one of nostalgia. We (me and my other cousins) were playing in the yard, when he came out with his guitar and sat under the pear tree in front of the garage. He would play and sing a little, pause and scribble something, and then continue playing. Eventually I went to him and as he played the song to me he paused at a portion and surprisingly, he asked me what words to put there. In my little boy head, I could only come up with “merry-go-round”. A few years ago, I realised he actually put it in the song. Seeing as it was on his 1995 album, Positive Change, I couldn’t have been more than 5 at the time. He is so gifted and dynamic. I quite remember one day we were watching a video feed from one of his shows and he got up and excused himself.  After about 30 minutes, he wasn’t coming back so I decided to go find him. He was on the keyboard in the “boys’ quarters” when I found him. For the 30 minutes or so that he left me in the room, he had written 2 songs. One of them is MOKO BE, which features Nii Okai and Pastor Josh Laryea on the album, I BELIEVE and the other is a worship song which you haven’t heard yet. Hahaha.



I have learnt plenty from this great man of God. I will only share three of these with you. Not everything is for public consumption. :-p  :-p


One Christmas, I went to Uncle Dan and said; “for my Christmas present this year, I just want to hang out”. So the plan was we would go out, have lunch and then watch a movie at Silverbird. We wanted to walk to the mall to watch the movie. It was close to where we had lunch. Between lunch and our movie, everyone wanted to talk to him. It was incredible the number of times our conversation got interrupted.  We had to get a taxi to avoid missing the movie entirely. Later I said to him, “that only happens when you’re walking with a star”. This was his response; “I like to think of myself as the moon. I have no light of my own. Like the moon, I only reflect God’s light”. This has been ringing in my mind till date.


Uncle Dan organises quarterly worship services which he calls SECRET PLACE. This particular Sunday afternoon, the worship service was at a church I had never been to (somewhere in Adenta I think, I can’t remember the venue) When I got to the venue, I called him on the phone.  And he started showing me how to find him. “Do you see that storey building to your left?” he started. “Yeah”, I replied. “Walk towards it”, he said. As I was going, he stopped me and said “take the path to your right”, so I did. Less than a minute and he stopped me again. “Take another right” he said. “That leads back to the main gate” I protested amidst laughter.  “I know” he said. I figured he was messing with me. He’s fun like that. I did a 360 but didn’t see him anywhere so I started walking in the direction he had asked me to. It went through the car park. Suddenly he said “Stop”. I stopped. At that moment I had laughed so much I was starting to tear up. I heard a knock on the window of the car I was standing by at the time.  He was in the car so I went around and sat next to him in the front passenger seat still laughing. He said something to me I will never forget: “THIS IS HOW MAN IS SUPPOSED TO LIVE. IF WE OBEY THE VOICE OF THE HOLYSPIRIT, EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT. HE WILL LEAD US RIGHT TO THE PLACE WHERE WE NEED TO GO”.


At the time, I was at a church where the choir didn’t like to learn anything new. Anytime I introduced something new, all they would do was kick against it. So one day I asked Uncle Dan what to do about it. He gave me a strategy. “Pick a few of them out, teach them and occasionally minister with them. The rest will see what you’re doing and start to wonder what you’re doing differently. They will realign themselves”. “Don’t forget to pray” he added as I got called away.

I am doing this because of what my friend and big brother calls the “akrantie nkwan” theory. All across the world people only eulogize the dead. Ghanaians praise the akranti3 soup even though they have no respect for the actual live grasscutter

I choose to celebrate my legend while he lives.





Danny Nettey  Danny

Doglike Tendencies.


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I like to think of myself as a lover of dogs. I pat their heads, comb through their hair with my hands and sometimes even allow them to stand on their hind feet put their forefeet in my palms for support. That was of course before the only foreign breed out of three dogs we have at home grew up. The beast is not only scary but TOO HEAVY. (Don’t wait to find out what breed it is, I don’t even know)

Despite my love for dogs there’s this one thing I hate about them. They won’t stop peeing on anything and everything.  They will pee on the car tyres the second you park, they will pee on trees, they will pee on the lawn. When you open the gate, they will run to the gate, pee on it and run over to the neighbour’s just to pee again and come back. Its like they have an everlasting tank of pee ready to pour out of and at any time of day.

It is however surprising that some humans have the very same tendencies. Some men pause by the sides of any building and bring out their weenies and start peeing. And the women are doing it too. I remember one night on my way back home from some rounds in town, I happened on a woman taking a leak in the middle of the dirt road pants-down. I just had to dim my headlamps to avoid the gory details.

Yes, it is true that there are not as many public places of convenience as there should be but it’s still very unacceptable.


That being said, take a look at what this “doglike human phenomenon” has caused a frustrated homeowner to do to his house…


The Men In My Life

For all the guys who felt left out with my last post… Here’s an alternative way to look at it…

Phoebe's World

I have been bestowed the special honor of writing the LADIES’ version of the blog post The Women in My Life – by my dear friend Ostwiiiiin.
(Read my post first before you check his out! LOL)

Alright, this is how it works:
Following are descriptions of the relationships I have with the men around me and the roles they play in my life. Yes, one person could match more than 1 description so don’t worry, collect as many as you can!

That one man who confuses you more than your female friends do.

That one who cooks almost as good as your mommy.

That one who understands and shares your passion.

That one man who always makes you smile.

That one whose company you thoroughly enjoy.

That one who allows you to be you.

That one who constantly flirts with you even though there can’t be anything…

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